Rask Guitars

Design Yours

I look forward to you being a proud new owner of a custom, one of a kind, hand built Rask Guitar! It will be created for you. I am excited to pass the torch to you. Take your Rask guitar and use it to create something beautiful for yourself and for others…Your Music!

So little is understood about the power of music, but one thing is for certain, Music is Powerful! It has the capacity to captivate, stimulate, motivate, inspire, soothe, and heal. It has the means to transform every emotion in the human experience. It’s a universal language. It enhances learning. It improves memory. It develops our brains by literally creating new synapses. It brings us together. It eases our pain. It deepens our relationships. It improves performance both mentally and physically. It increases blood flow. In some cases, it’s been known to save lives.

Let’s build you the guitar of your dreams starting at $5800!