"With each build, I feel guided and inspired similar to the songwriters who feel the music and lyrics flow through them, not from them. I discover amazing materials hidden in trees all over the world and use them to create something stunningly beautiful.  The pinnacle of what I do comes when I get to put this incredible instrument into your hands and together we create something powerful, impactful and infinite—that’s the power of music."

– Robert Rask

Enlighten Model A

Introducing the Rask Enlighten Model A, the working musician's instrument. Perfect on stage or in the studio. 

- Luthier built

- Handmade in the USA

- Fully voiced and individually optimized  

- Made from all sustainable and responsibly harvested materials 

SIZE - Orchestra 19" x 15.4" OR Symphony 20" x 16.2"

Add a Cutaway +$499

Add a K&K Pure mini pickup +$199




A third-generation woodworker, Robert Rask combines his passion for music with elite craftsmanship to produce one-of-a-kind creations. After learning to play guitar in 2006, he spent years studying lutherie and set out to create his own instruments, prizing beautiful tone, playability and artistry above all else. Since then, Robert has distinguished himself by using rare, hidden materials all over the world and making something new and uniquely special to hand off to musicians everywhere.

“What I do is a form of co-creation. I get to use materials made by the great Creator, and co-create to make something new and beautiful. But the pinnacle of what I do comes when I then hand that creation off to someone else, who gets to use it to create something far more important and powerful than anything I’ve ever done. That’s the power of music…the power to inspire, lift, heal. Literally the power to save lives—as it did mine.”



My very first guitar. The one that started it all. It’s bold and responsive voice has been heard by millions of people all over the world. She has been recorded on albums, played in videos and used in live performances. She has been sought and requested for recordings by well-known artists. Brady Bills, who toured with David Archuleta, describes his “favorite guitar on Earth,” calling it a “symphony in a box.”

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Every once in a while the stars align and something magical happens. The Sleeper is one of those moments — 50,000 years in the making! It all started on a hillside in New Zealand, where an ancient tsunami covered gargantuan trees in a mudslide. Buried in the earth, the wood was preserved and never petrified. It is literally the oldest workable wood known on the planet. Fifty millennia of minerals seeping into the fibers of the wood have created an indescribably beautiful tone.

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Named by one of the most recorded guitarists in history, Mamma Cass has a powerful voice! Honduran rosewood with skinner redwood has become my favorite combination of tonewood. This is perhaps my all-time favorite sounding guitar with crisp and clean highs and incredible bass. The mids are ever-so slightly scooped, leaving the perfect pocket for your voice.

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Elizabeth is one of my favorites! She has a rich full sound with beautiful overtones, amazing clarity and a warm enveloping bass. The concept for this build began forming several years ago. I envisioned a somewhat unassuming back and sides—beautiful, but not the typical highly figured woods I usually use. I wanted to focus on the accents, but this was a problem.

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